Organic Kitchen

Hello lovelies! Here we are again with a new post, discovering a new place!! Today I’m talking about a very interesting and amazing place for the healthy food lovers. It’s a place that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now but I was too busy with exams. Organic Kitchen is a restaurant that… Read More Organic Kitchen

Le Patio

Today I’m talking about a very nice place that I recently discovered. Le Patio Gourmand is the courtyard of the Hotel Gauthier, hidden from the street and is not the place you simply straddle in while walking down the street but it’s such a calm place where you can relax and simply enjoy the exceptional… Read More Le Patio

La Sqala

In Casablanca there is a variety of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. Having the chance to try several different foods from different countries is amazing but sometimes you just want to get back to your roots and get that traditional Moroccan experience. So today I got the perfect Moroccan vibe at LA… Read More La Sqala


First stop my city, my hometown, my birthplace. I’m very excited to talk to you about Casablanca, the largest city of Morocco. It is known as a very important economic region, but what I want to talk about is Casablanca as a beautiful touristic city, from its exciting places, its exotic and diverse cafés and… Read More Casablanca