Fashion to me is an art that has no limits; it’s a way to define myself, to liberate my personal style. I have always loved fashion, playing with clothes, shoes, accessories, and creating several different outfits that in a way express who I am and how I feel. It has always been an inspiration and passion to me.

Discovering new things has always been an interest to me, and travelling is all about discovering different things in life. I love the fact that it gives you the chance to see unusual things, new places, and new cultures. Simply to understand the amazing world that we live in. And it liberates you in a way that makes you think beyond what’s right in front of you.

So for the love of fashion and travelling, I created Ayeuh. A blog where I can connect those two things together. It’s a journey and I want to take you with me by sharing with you everything, to make you live the same experience that I have. From the places that I love and prefer to the outfits that I chose to wear. It’s simply the world trough my vision. Enjoy and hopefully you’ll like it.

Aya Mastour

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